Wedding Planning 101 – The first steps!

A Couples hands, Newport News Park, VA  

I want to give a big welcome to a colleague of mine Amber Roberts with Inspirational Event Planning.  We are working together on  # Project Burberry. She has some fantastic advice on how to plan a great wedding!  So for those of you that are preparing for that moment, or have a special friend who might be, this blog is for you!

You found the love of your life! You have the ring. Now what? These 5 steps will guide you through the first part of planning your Big Day!

Step 1: Start a wedding binder. This binder will help you organize everything you will be planning and doing until wedding day. Some of the things in your binder should include pocket folders, a notebook, a calendar, plastic sleeves and tabbed dividers. Whenever you are out, collect wedding-related magazines and brochures and store them in this binder. When you visit bridal shows or local businesses, take a flyer and place it in the binder. Categorize your brochures by vendor-type, for example, all photographers in one place, all caterers in another, and so forth. Inspirations Event Planning Co. will give you more tips on how to organize your binder effectively – A FREE service that we offer!

Step 2: Choose a wedding date! Your wedding date should be something very special. Choose a day during your favorite season or a significant day that means something special to both of you! Tip: Choose a date at least 6 months away so you have enough time to plan everything. Always have a backup day in mind just in case your favorite venue is booked on your first choice.

Step 3: Interview our Certified Professional Wedding Planner! Don’t feel alone and seek the experience of a professional. Hiring a professional wedding planner will save you time and frustration. Our wedding planner is already familiar with the planning process and the business that you will need to hire for your wedding day (we call these “vendors”). Our wedding planner will help you make decisions based on what is available, will keep your timeline and budget on track, and guide you throughout the entire process. Our planner knows the exact questions to ask vendors and may even be able to negotiate prices for you! Did you know that we partner with local vendors who offer a discount when their services are purchased through the planning firm? We also offer packages from monthly consulting sessions to full-service packages so there is something for everyone! Note: Wedding Planners can also be called, “bridal consultants,” or “wedding coordinators.” All of these titles are used interchangeably.

Step 4: Start the guest list! Determine the approximate number of guests who will attend your ceremony and reception. Begin collecting addresses and store them in your wedding binder or give them to your wedding planner for safe-keeping! For tips on how to start a guest list and maintain it, contact Inspirations Event Planning Co.

Step 5: Locate and secure your venue! Because this step is so important, seek the advice of our professional wedding planner who knows exactly what questions to ask the venue staff. There are several things to consider when choosing the location for your wedding. Do you want a church ceremony? Do you want the ceremony and reception at the same place or on different sites? Do you want everything indoors our outside? How many people will the building accommodate? What amenities does the venue offer? We have a full list available exclusively for our clients! Once you have selected the venue for your Big Day, pay the deposit to secure your date as soon as possible.

These are just a few steps required to plan your wedding. We have many lists available to our clients to help your planning experience to be as pleasant as possible. We want you to enjoy being the star of your big day instead of running the show. Leave the directing to us!

Amber Roberts, Certified Wedding Planner Inspirations Event Planning Co. For more information, call (757) 343-4307!