Steam Punk with a Jessica Stone twist

Greetings from the cold tundra of Virginia! It's a whopping 17 degrees outside but without wind it's bearable :). This fall I have been venturing in a new direction; one I think that defines me and my personality.  My love of film, theatre, the details all rolled into one. I   how you will be able to connect with this new direction too!   Stylized sessions are a way of putting a unique spin and presentation on traditional pictures.  For this shoot, I was inspired by the Steam Punk style.  I loved the blending of Victorian fashion with modern quirky twists.  Once I nailed down my theme the next was to bring together the team.  This team included an amazing makeup artist, Keren Robinson with Makeup by MUA, hairstylist extraordinaire, Lisa Hampton with VanGar the Salon, and last but not least the Boxwood Inn for a unique location. Tricia and Marcus Duncan were our "Bride and Groom", and what a couple they make.  Tricia is a local photographer, graphic designer, everything rolled into one, and Marcus is the perfect fit.   Now if you would like to see more pictures and read up on their story check out " Tidewater and Tulle" that recently as of today published our shoot!   I have many more stylized shoots that will be upcoming.  I am wrapping one right as we speak, and prepping to shoot the next in March.  I will be posting an DIY on some of the projects I tackled on this Steam Punk shoot. If you would be interested in doing a Stylized shoot for your family, your friends, your spouse or with your child let me know.  I am all about putting the magic into each and every shoot!  

Hair Stylist: Lisa Hampton  with VanGar the Salon

Makeup Artist: Keren Robinson with Makeup by MUA LLC

Location: Boxwood Inn

Invitations and graphic design: Tricia Duncan with Labyrinth Productions