My name is Jessica Stone,

Here are some fun facts about me that you might not know!

I have four children and I thought I gave them unusual names, but apparently they’re all popular baby names now!

My kiddos are mostly grown up now, but I still refuse to call them adults. Is it weird that as they get older I don't feel older?

Oklahoma is my home state. The wind doesn’t just sweep across the plains here. It can lift your whole house!

The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies. It has humor, action, romance, and sadness all mixed in.

I have a sweet little dog named Pumpkin, she is what I call a Velcro dog, if she had her wish she would go with me everywhere!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. One year, I even made my family pose like the Norman Rockwell painting.

I love Dr. Pepper, Carmellos, and Cheeze-its.

Korean and Greek take-out are favorites at our house.

My curly red hair has a mind of its own.

I love all things in miniature, from little ketchup bottles to my tiny pup!

Photography for me is all about giving others what I wish I had for myself. Creative and fun prom photos instead of a quick shot at the front door. Rocking senior portraits that captured my personality instead of stiff cookie-cutter pictures. Fantastic family photos instead of a tripod set up in front of the house.

And the moments in between as well. When your kidlets start school, learning to ride their bike for the first time, to recreating their favorite story be it hero or fairy tale in a styled shoot.

I want to document your life, so you can remember and treasure those moments forever.

I’m based in Oklahoma, but I’m often traveling between Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Virginia. I love to travel and I’d love to hear from you! (Let's connect!)