Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Being from the South, Snow can be something that's rare.  Ice and wind are the elements of choice when it get's cold.  In Virginia, you can get it all, but where I am located, snow isn't always on the weather map for us.  The further inland you go, the more weather you get :) . Well this week we have been doused, and doused again with snow.  It's cold..I mean 8 degrees is no joke! A tradition we have at my house when we get such weather is to go outside, no matter the temp and get a beautiful picture.  I have done so with each of my daughters, and there is something about the purity of snow, the soft flakes falling, and their dancing eyes that make me love keeping that tradition alive.  You may not get but a dusting of snow, it might be a sea full of leaves, get outside and  be apart of the world you live in.  Get out of the house, shake off the dust, thrown on some lips and get outside and take those pictures.  That will be the most precious moment your loved ones could ask for.