Green is the new Black

As February blows and snows it's way thru the rest of the week, March is fast upon it's heels.  "'When March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb." (  Check out this website for more interesting facts about March.  To kick this March off, I wanted to challenge myself to try out different types of photography.  I am in love with how this one came out.  This session really showed me that the only thing I am limited by is myself.  Darkness is not always the friend of a photographer.  You need special equipment and lenses and working knowledge of flashes.  This session was unique because it put my night shooting skills to the test.  I and my fellow photographer Jessie Silva with Schu's Shoots Photography ( had a bucket list of ideas we wanted to try.  Armed with camera's, lights, scarves and our amazingly cute couple Chandler and Kristi,  we shot the night away. It was really neat to see how the light changed the session, from being a soft beautiful moment, to one that was moody and mysterious.  I loved how the light picked up the colors in her hair and really created a dramatic moment.  Today's blog is  inspired by Kristi's cute green coat, and since we are entering the Month of March, as far as I am concerned "Green is the New Black".   Overall, I really enjoyed this session, I learned so much from my fellow photographer and now know that I am in need of a few more pieces of equipment. I feel liberated from where I began, and now I am no longer limited by the light, I am empowered by it.  So with that I hope you enjoy this Kick off to March Session with Chandler and Kristi.  I will leave you with this little Irish saying " May neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and Heaven accept you."