May the 4th be with you | Starwars "Force Awakens" Photo Session| Rey Abandoned

May the fourth be with you! This is a continuation of the Rey shoot I released last year after the Force Awakens was released. This post is dedicated to Carrie Fischer as the first leading lady in the Star Wars Universe.

This shoot was a birthday gift to my youngest daughter. She is a HUGE Star Wars fan and supporter of the newest Star Wars character, Rey. We traveled to Colorado armed with a tiny budget, creative costumer, adventurous teen, and a crazy mom-tographer. The mountains of Colorado were not prepared for our quirky shoot. The various terrains of Colorado provided a perfect backdrop for this shoot. I wanted to make it look like a film out-take. It was a fun session filled with a life time of memories which, if given the choice, I would repeat time and time again.

This shoot challenged me in ways I did not expect! I had to shoot in freezing temperatures, glaring sunlight, and steep rocky terrain. I realized these challenges were for my good and I should continue seeking out them out to better my own technique and effectiveness as a photographer. I am grateful for my creative spirit being the driving force of my work instead of logical doubt. Without such passion I could only wish to do that which many photographers dream about.

I love doing styled shoots because they demand more out of me than a typical family, senior, or wedding photoshoot does. It pushes you to think outside the box with the only limits being your imagination. One is not hindered by client expectations or the critiques of bystanders during these sessions. It is just the photographer, a camera, and an idea. I hope this project will encourage other photographers to do styled shoots as well. It is a nice break from the norm to expose our creative side that we have restrained or hidden due to the fear of failure. I think art is an expression of yourself used when words are not enough to convey your message.

I look forward to more of these projects and encouraging clients to step into a styled shoot for a lifetime opportunity. Anyone can get a western saloon token photo from a theme park, but few can say they posed in a story that portrayed their own interests and individuality.