A Jane Austen Inspired Session "The Bennet Sisters"

Today's 2-part blog is all about one of my favorite authors: Jane Austen.  I also invited one of my dear friends, Jeannie Covert (aka JD Covert) author of the soon to be released "Zombie Scouts," to write as a guest blogger on the experience of the session from the perspective of all involved. She illustrates the behind-the-scenes look at how this photo session came to life from the beginning stages of choosing the locations to creating a Regency-Era outfit. I look forward to showing you the finished product in next weeks blog post.

Most of the prep work done during this shoot was done the day before due to personal schedule complications. I typically have locations and costume alterations finished days before the session day. This might have been the exception but the quality of workmanship and thought put into this shoot did not lack.  This group of young models was fantastic to work with. They are all family to me which meant they were comfortable working around any changes made during the shoot. They also formed an elite group of "crafters" that aided in costume alterations and enhancements.  I would like to thank Katheryn Patterson Adams for her amazing seamstress skills turning some of our dresses into a "Modern Austen" creation. I would also like to thank my daughter Erian Stone for incredible job done on hair and makeup. A huge thank you to Jeannie Covert for being my assistant over the weekend as well as my guest blogger.Finally, I would like to thank the gracious and wonderful models: Lizzie Covert, Erian Stone, Sierra Stone, Kaitlyn Covert, and last but not least Olivia Stone.   I hope you enjoy "The Bennet Sisters" Part One and I look forward to posting the grand finale next week!


"Where could you find a place in southwestern Oklahoma that could pass for Jane Austen’s England?" Nowhere, you say? Then you haven’t met photographer Jessica Stone. In she steps and the problem’s solved.

While Jessica has been putting together this Pride and Prejudice shoot for several months and I have assisted her on other shoots, location scouting was my first introduction into her stylized process. She has gathered sites in her mind but didn’t decide which to use until the day before the scheduled shoot. During the hours she planned to photograph, we visited a multitude of possible places, gauging the lighting at the proper time of day and the threat from natural predators. 

Before we left to go location scouting, Jessica assessed each girl in her dress and made decisions about what needed to be added or what accessories were needed to achieve the look she wanted. Then after locations were tentatively determined, we purchased the necessary items to make the necessary changes.

When we were out-and-about,  Erian Stone, the makeup & hair artist evaluated each model’s hair and designed the best Regency style for each. The models spent the time washing and rolling their hair with Erian’s guidance while Jessica and I prepped the props and accessories.

Jessica spent the night letting all the information percolate and gel. In the morning of the shoot, she told each model which sister they would portray, and they each promptly got into character, complete with British accents and Regency dialogue. Erian went to work doing each model’s hair and overseeing their makeup, making sure it conformed to the needs of the photo session. The models were transformed into the Bennet Sisters for the rest of the day.

Props, camera with various lenses, a ladder, and lots of bug spray were loaded into two cars, and we were off. "-JD Covert