The Story of Kai

Baby looks at mom, Norfolk Virginia            Babies are absolutely wonderful.  I am always amazed at these tiny little miracles.

Birth Sessions are a little different than normal photography sessions; they normally take place in a hospital, they can happen any time, the space is small and sometimes dimly lit, and the event carries a multitude of emotions.  I wouldn't miss it for the world.  Watching these little ones take their first breath, the faces of the parents meeting their new little wonder, the little feet being coated in ink and stamped on the birth certificate.  the tiny hat , the snuggling, the first feeding, the first bath not to mention the lamb cry that escapes our newborn as they greet the world.  Being able to capture those moments in time through pictures, is what I love to do.

Maternity Session inspired by Little Mermaid, Virginia Beach Virginia

Tricia a fellow photographer with Labyrinth Productions, had asked me early in the season to be there with her and her husband Marcus for the birth of her fourth and last child.  I had taken Tricia's maternity pictures in the spring, so when the chance came to be there for their last little one, I was in.  The day finally came for baby Kai to make his entrance.  I had been there for hours watching my friend go thru the pains of labor, tears, laughter.

Collage of Birth Session, Norfolk , Virginia

It didn't seem like Kai was in any hurry to make his appearance; but at 9:31 a.m.  he entered the world.  At a whopping 5lbs 14 ounces.  Believe me when I tell you he didn't come silently, he let the whole room know he had arrived.

Collage of Labor in Birth Session , Norfolk Virginia

Mom and Dad were exhausted, thrilled, and misty eyed as they greeted their beautiful little one.

Collage of Birth, Norfolk Virginia

In the all the activity, time seemed to stand still.

Baby and mom, Norfolk Virginia

I watched him get measured, taped ,bathed, fed, oohed, and awed over.

Baby feet and hands, Norfolk Virginia

I think momma is going to have a little heartthrob on her hands.   I am so happy to have been able to be apart of this beautiful day.  I am overjoyed for my friend Tricia and Marcus, and the rest of their kiddos, her daughter Tessa and sons Levi and Rune.  Kai made the perfect addition to this  sweet little family.

Collage of baby, Norfolk Virginia


Welcome to the world Kai!  I can't wait to see what great things you do!

Photographer and client, Norfolk Virginia