The Perfect Blend

  Family standing on path, Norman OK

My trip to Oklahoma was so much fun.  Not only did I get to visit my old haunts, enjoy many a glass of my favorite Ice tea ( Raising Cains in Norman Oklahoma ) which I am completely addicted to.  I also had the opportunity to photograph some new families.      Families happen to be one of my specialties.  Each family comes with it's own challenges and blessings.  Sometimes you may have someone who is uncomfortable smiling, or is  nervous or irritated and smiles to much or not at all .   Include the stresses of what to wear; I mean who can't relate to that? Nyky and Bo were the exception to the rule. They created great outfit combinations so that fit, so that everyone was comfortable and their individual personality got to shine.

In photography I always strive to achieve the perfect blend.  The perfect blend is a balance of colors, emotions, lighting, location etc., the key to great photos is showing your personality.  If my client lets down their wall of nerves, and anxiousness and lets me see who they really are, the pictures become more authentic, less posed and works of art.  As you ponder on getting your photos done, just remember the perfect blend starts with you.  Think about what your wearing, where your going, and letting your personality shine thru in your photos.