Star Wars Styled Session "The Force Awakened through Reys eyes"

I have normally photographed stylized sessions for a wedding or a high school senior.  I love going beyond the traditional propped and posed event photos and instead showcase a story line. These are often inspired by films, books, songs, or are products of my own creativity. My latest project is launched on the premier of "  Rogue One " ! In celebration, I want to share the first of a two-part themed shoot with you!  This photo session was inspired by" Star Wars--The Force Awakens".  I have a daughter who is a raving Star Wars fan and is absolutely enthralled by the recent film.  For her birthday I wanted to gift her with a special session inspired by her love of Rey, the main character of the new film.  This shoot was challenging. We faced the struggle of a tiny costume budget,  difficult location scouting, and even the cold temperature to fully capture the story of Rey. 

 I coordinated with afriend on how to recreate the Rey costume on a tiny budget.  One can buy a Rey Halloween costume but it doesn't have the authenticity of a home-sewnand customized ensemble.  I wanted to capture the character by gathering items similar to what she wore in the film and embracing the raw qualities of her scavenger lifestyle. This means most of the clothing was loose-fitting, tattered, mismatched, and a little dirty.  I loved all the cultural and regional differences of the Star Wars universe displayed through Rey's clothing.   To recreate this look I used fabric and clothing patterns from "Jo-Anne's," random collectibles from thrift stores, and some items from Walmart.  My seamstress friend and I constructed Rey's outfit by hand. We draped, pinned, stitched, hot glued, and spent several hours to completing the scavenger's apparel.  

I could have easily chosen to photograph this session in my own backyard and used Photoshop to tie in a fake desert background but I instead opted for a more sincere shoot in the varied terrain of Colorado. While visiting my parents in Colorado I found a few locations that fit our theme perfectly and are a large part in the success of this project. This first shoot is from "Garden of the Gods".  I loved the red rock and the contrast it gave to Rey's outfit as well as the similarity to Luke's home planet of Tatooine.  (NOTICE: I would like to mention, we stayed within the visitor-friendly area of Garden of the Gods. If you should visit to view where we shot this session be aware there is no need to put yourself in danger by wandering off to restricted areas. It is highly encouraged to stay on the trails! ) 

I hope you enjoy Part One of "The Force Awakened through Rey's eyes"stylized session and be ready for Part Two to be premiered at the start of the New Year!

Listen to this Rey's theme song, it enhances the experience ever so much!


Photographer: Jessica Stone with Jessica Stone Photography

Model: Olivia Stone

Photo Shoot Concept: Jessica Stone

Location Scout: Jessica Stone

Costuming : Katheryn Patterson Adams

Make-up and Hair: Sierra Stone and Jessica Stone

Photographer Assistant: Sierra Stone

Location: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado