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Wherever I go I meet and work with really neat people.  This week on the blog it's dedicated to my friend Ann.  I thought I would do a little Q & A with Ann so that you can get to know her and see what makes her more than meets the eye :). Me: Ann, tell me a couple of things about yourself?

Ann: I am the second oldest of 5.  I was raised in a military home, spent 4 years in the military, married my college sweetheart, and now we have 7 children and one grandchild on the way.  I love to meet people and connect with them.

Me:What kind of businesses are you involved in?

Ann: I am involved in two businesses.  I am an Independent Damsel Pro at Damsel in Defense and an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.  To me both companies are about families and helping them.

Me: What kind of business is Damsel in Defense?

Ann: Damsel in Defense is about equipping, empowering, and educating women to protect themselves.  All of their products are focused on keeping women safe.  Damsel in Defense has pepper sprays, stun guns, emergency kits, alarms, etc.

Me: Do you have a favorite product that you love for Damsel?

Ann: Wow!  That is a hard choice since I like MANY of the items that Damsel sells.  One of the most useful products is the Road Trip.  It is an emergence auto tool.  You can use it as a flashlight or a beacon.  You can press a button to emit a high pitch alarm.  It has a seat belt cutter on it and it can break a glass window should the need arise.

Me: Why did you choose to get head shots done?

Ann: First impressions make a difference.  When I look at a business, the first things that I am looking at are the pictures.  What does the business look like?  What does the person involved in the business look like?  We live in a visual society…if they don’t like what they see…they will move on….  I wanted pictures that showcased the best of me.

I couldn't have agreed more.  Your photo that represents your business is worth a million words.  It lets people know how serious you are about what you do.  So if you are looking to take your business to the next step I would love to be the one to help get you there!  If you would like to find out more on Young Living Essential Oils, or Damsel in Defense You can find Ann's companies on the internet and Facebook.

Damsel in Defense (website:

FB page: Equipping Women one Damsel at a time

Young Living: website:

FB page: A Path to Wellness

In closing, what makes Ann amazing isn't just her back story, it's how she is tackling her "now " story.  It's hard to be just a mom, and just a wife, but running to successful businesses to boot and do all the rest?  That's amazing to me!