Lions, Tigers and Natalie oh my!

I love when I have clients who think outside the traditional photo session.  There is nothing at all wrong with doing traditional shoots, but my specialty is in creating story telling sessions that have personality.  So for this shoot I got to put on  my inspiration hat and begin creating a really fun session.   Since Natalie was a born her mother and I have done creative out of the box sessions.  This particular session is all about the Circus, something Natalie  really enjoys.     Before our shoot, she had just been to see a real circus, had read  books about the circus and has a fascination with animals.  Incorporating your child's interests can be a great way to bring some personalization to your child's session and memory book by showcasing what they were interested in say at the age of 3.    So that's just what we did.  Natalie's mom helped gather the props for her shoot, painted an old wash tub and helped me construct our big  top out of two hula hoops and some plastic table cloths.  Add a cute outfit, few animals and rubber bouncy balls and you have a Circus! Simple, easy to set up and clean up .  This just goes to show you don't need a ton of props to create an environment with a  Circus feel.     Without further ado I  would like to introduce the Lion Tamer and Ringleader herself, Miss Natalie!