It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Eclectic decorated Christmas tree, Fort Eustis, VA Christmas is literally tomorrow!

It's a big deal at our house;  not only is it the birthday of Christ, but this is the time of year many a DIY project ensues and baked goods start their way out of the kitchen and into packages to send to loved ones.  I am one that loves to decorate, and each theme is different from the next.  I am not someone who decorates a Christmas tree the same every time, oh no..I have to have something that speaks to me and defines what the year has meant to me.  Last Christmas my tree was decked out in black and white pictures of family and loved ones here and gone.  Belt garlands and many a white light created a sensational memory piece for our living room. Every Christmas we give our kids an ornament specifically picked out just for them.  They take those ornaments and decorate their own personal trees.  The big tree is normally the themed tree, whatever I have been inspired to do is created into an art piece by the time I am done.  This Christmas I reversed it!  We put all our family ornaments on the big tree, using a thick burlap ribbon to bind it all together and themed the kids trees in each room.  I have to say I LOVE it!  The DIY project on our big tree was the creation of the Star.  I hate to see a inadequate star on such a glorious tree.  I love the star, but as of yet been unable to find one that speaks to my style and balances out the tree.  Solution: a paper star lantern with tiny white lights already to go;light weight, easily seen, a little spray paint and voila a tin star with pizazz!

England ornaments for Tree, Fort Eustis, VA

My daughter Olivia loves England, and I have to admit I am a little crazy about England myself!  For her birthday we created a little haven of England in her room, but what better to go in that room than a England themed tree.  Armed with paper, clothespins, ribbons and fur my daughter Erian and I created a tree that will definitely make England proud. This tree is the first tree ever to have boots as a tree skirt, 3D red phone booths. Its awesome and has definitely put me into the Christmas spirit!

snowman tree

My son wanted to go with a Snowman theme for some of the extra ornaments he had left over.  Armed with a scarf, and twig arms and a homemade tree topper, it's the cutest thing ever.  Being a teen he would never tell you that, but I love it!

Christmas Tree Themed around Travel, Fort Eustis, VA

Last but certainly not least my oldest daughter would love to travel.  She loves all things Korean, Indian, and Italian. She also hopes to journey around the world.  Since we are on a budget during the holidays..what is a girl to do about creating that little moment?  Stickers, paper and  burlap tags and quotes are what make this tree so much fun!  Erian the creator of all things wonderful during this Christmas shared her talents with everyone's trees making little things here and there, and I am indebted to her for the wonderful feeling they give each room!  Here a few pix to give you an idea of how much fun we had!  Tune into tomorrow and we will wrap up our Christmas Crafts part 2!!!

Trees decorated with eclectic ornaments, Fort Eustis VA