Christmas is coming!!!

"Twas four days before  Christmas and decorating has begun.  Hot gluing projects, burning my thumbs.  Sewing on stockings, printing of pix...So much to be done to be in time for Christmas.  I in my Christmas robe with a blue Santa hat, gazed for hours on Pintrest without taking a nap..and what in front of my weary eyes should appear, but a ruffled tree skirt and stenciled Reindeer!  Tracing and painting, taping , printing and more.. taking time to remember that Christmas  means so much more.  It's the day the Jesus made his grand entry to earth, it's the one and only time there has been a virgin birth.   It's an angels hallelujah that woke up the skies, it's the wise man that followed a bright star to where He lie.  It's a carpenter to who would raise him for the rest of his years, it's the trip across the desert to Egypt  to escape the Kings soldiers.  So as I craft and sew, tape , print and paste..I know that Christmas is more than a date." Hello Friends!!  before Christmas got here, I wanted to share some of the projects I have been working on along with my own little Christmas story :)  To start with what better way to decorate a tree than with the people you love the most.  This is probably one of my favorite projects, which has such huge impact and one I definitely will do again!  My next project the ruffled tree skirt, doable..but be prepared for a sore hand due to the constant glue gunning, A giant bag of hot glue, along with several burnt fingers..aside from that loved the tree skirt.  My wreath is an original.along with my Christmas stockings.  Due to the fact we have an extra guest for Christmas, they can't go without a stocking hung under the mantel can they?  If you have any questions on any of these projects or if you would like to share one of your own, please feel free!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas..I hope that you are surrounded by the ones you love and that each day will be merry and bright!   If you would like the links to any of my Pintrest projects they are listed below :) See you next year!!