FYI on the Extras!

sweet family collage outdoors in Lawton with Buzy Bee Photography

I like to offer my clients all the extras...

I like to offer my clients all the extras, because you wouldn't believe all the cool products you can put your family photo on!  They make terrific gifts, and again take the stress out of hunting online or local for the same thing. I am a one stop shop :).  If you want personalized Christmas cards or Graduation Announcements I can make that happen!  You pick your custom template and proof the final copy and whammo, you have it in your mail box in no time. If you want to save your photos, I would absolutely recommend the USB.  You don't have to take up any memory on your computer, or worry about it getting scratched.  You can get all your photos including the print release on this little gadget, and they are great when you need a quick print on the fly.   Canvases are so cool to have on the wall.  They are a great way to take one of your photos and make them epic.  Prices will vary on this, I go thru several companies to make sure you get the best deal along with quality.